bangtan boys

title even heroes get the blues
ship min yoongi/kim namjoon
word count 11k
status completed (oneshot)
tags demigod au, getting together

title (kind of) want to kiss you right now
ship jung hoseok/kim taehyung
word count 5k
status completed (oneshot)
tags canon compliant; mutual pining; domestic fluff

title too close to the sun
ship min yoongi/park jimin
word count 10k
status completed (oneshot)
tags soulmate au; myth retelling; epic romance


title not afraid of bruised knees
fandom nct
ship lee jeno/lee donghyuck
word count 30k
status 7/13
tags spidey au; friends to lovers; coming of age
last updated 190322

title we're a trainwreck (waiting to happen)
fandom nct
ship lee donghyuck/wong yukhei
word count 36k
status 2/4
tags tatbilb au, high school au
last updated 190303

title double dare me
ship mark lee/huang renjun
word count 6k
tags high school au, magic realism

title anyone can fall
ship lee jeno/mark lee
word count 12k
tags pacific rim au

title finders keepers
ship lee jeno/wong yukhei
word count 16k
tags hogwarts au, matchmaking

title colour me blue
ship lee jeno/mark lee
word count 3k
tags canon compliant; friends to lovers

title shake up my heart
ship kim doyoung/wong yukhei
word count 4k
tags hogwarts au, friends to lovers

title too cold outside (to be alone by yourself)
ship lee jeno/lee donghyuck
word count 11k
tags zombie apocalypse au; slice of life; fluff

title between the sinners and the saints
ship lee jeno/huang renjun
word count 25k
tags grim reaper au; original mythology; getting together

title like a thousand suns
ship johnny seo/ten chittaphon
word count 11k
tags prom au; friends to lovers